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Contributor Program

If you truly love cars (or trucks) this program is for you.

The mere fact that you're reading this contributor page means that you care about cars, the car restoration hobby, and maybe you even care about a great resource like the PartsHound Project. We want to see PartsHound expand to the point that you can find the smallest, tiniest, hardest to find trim on even the most seldom seen cars. I am constantly amazed at the resourcefulness of serious car restorers. They can comb the entire country (or the world) to find parts for the oldest, most obscure makes of cars. We're talking about some cars I haven't even heard of. I don't know how they do it aside from club newsletters, but the PartsHound project makes finding your parts more efficient.

Restorers and enthusiasts, this is where your considerable talent and information can be put to work.

If you have access to any dealer parts software send it in. Any old parts books, send them in. Any of your own parts diagrams for looking up parts, send them in. We'll only tackle vehicle makes & models for which we have factory part number information. That means that if you want to be able to trade your GTO parts, send in the factory part number information. We can't put the link on the page to trade it if we don't have the factory part number and a decent description.

We won't harm your books and we'll send them back when we're done gleaning them for information. Why should you risk your books for this project? If you don't, who will? Where will we get the part numbers necessary to expand the site into the pre-war and post-war cars? If you don't want to risk your books send us photocopies that can be read. Don't be stingy! There are aspiring restorers waiting for the information to come available.

If you have your own exploded views of cars and parts group, send it in. Before we use any submitted artwork a signed release is required that states that the artwork is your original artwork and is not the property of any other person or company. This release legally protects the PartsHound project if a manufacturer or other party challenges the origin of the artwork as a violation of copyright.

If your submission is useful (something we don't already have) we'll compensate you with commission-free trading for a period of time.. The periods can be years, decades, or even lifetime for members who provide substantial contributions.

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